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Greenmann Aquatics – home page

Greenmann Aquatics - home page

Greenmann Aquatics is a group of family-owned business’ in Dorset and The New Forest. We are fish and water specialists! Run by Lucie Mann and David Green, who have worked with fish and aquatics for over 30 years.

David Green

Dave has been keeping fish since 4 years of age and working in the industry for over 30 years. Covering everything from trout farming, landscaping, wholesaling, and ornamental aquatics (including tropical and marine). Furthermore, he has done an extensive study on sturgeon farming and holds a HND in fish farming and fisheries management. Most noteworthy, is Daves love of all things Aquatic.

Lucie Mann

Lucie began working with aquatics 30 years ago, concentrating on indoor aquatics. She has always had a passion for plants and a dream to combine fish and plants in her working life. Over 25 years Dave and Lucie have worked together, building the companies that now exist under Greenmann Aquatics. Lucie now concentrates on the Aquaponics projects and Sturgeon products in the business, fulfilling her dreams. Also, Lucie assists Dave in the day to day running of Greenmann Aquatics Pond Services while she expands the projects above.

We have a wide range of services available:

Greenmann Aquatics Pond Sevices

Pond cleaning, building and maintenance

  • Aquarium & Pond cleaning
  • Pond building
  • Repairing and leaks
  • Maintenance
  • Water testing
  • Fish care & supply
  • Aquarium, pond and fish moving specialists

New Forest Sturgeon

  • Sturgeon farming
  • New Forest Sturgeon products


  • Training courses
  • Watercress supply and products
  • Ethical farming
  • Trout, Zander, Arctic Char, all coming soon

Online website and store

  • Wide range of products for fish keeping
  • 99p Store
  • Aquaponic produce and systems
  • New Forest Sturgeon products
  • Koi sales
  • Blog
  • Information pages

Have a browse through the website – New products are added every day. Our pond services are available and all information on this can be found via the tab above. Greenmann Aquatics Pond Services can do pond cleaning, maintenance, pond builds as well as water testing and many more things.

If you are in need of help with fish keeping, health or filtration advice, see our tab about The Fish Man! Dave can provide a wealth of knowledge on these subjects and is available for home/pond visits.

The blog is also updated regularly with our activities including New Forest Sturgeon Treats for all pets and our adventure with Aquaponics!

Check out our photos to see whats been happening!