Remembering Homer the snapping turtle

Lucie and Dave had the pleasure of sharing their lives with Homer the snapping turtle for over a decade. Now we’d like to share him with you.

Our own snapping turtle

Alligator Snapping Turtles (Macroclemys temminckii) like Homer come from the lower states of the USA where they live in the swamps.

They will sit at the bottom using their tongue (which looks like a worm) as a lure to catch fish. They will also snap at anything that is going past. They can be underwater without breathing for up to an hour and it’s believed they live for about 150 years. Their jaws are amongst the strongest in the animal kingdom at 1500 ppsi – so they could easily bite your hand off!

Sadly, Homer passed away in 2011, aged over 80 years old. At his peak, he weighed 5 stone 10 lbs (37.3 kgs or 80 lbs) and his head was 8 inches wide.

You can see Homer in action, eating half a chicken in the video below: