Aquarium Cleaning

Have you ever looked at all those tanks in doctors’ and dentists’ waiting rooms or on posh shop counters and wondered, “how do they keep them so clean?”

They call us – that’s how!

But it isn’t just aquariums in public places we look after; we take care of aquarium cleaning in people’s homes too.

No matter how big or small your tank, we can take care of it.

Fish tank cleaning for home and work

Aquarium cleaning for your home or officeGetting us in to doing your aquarium cleaning can be for many reasons. Some of our customers are seniors in our community and find lifting buckets of water too much for them but don’t want to give up their fish. Some have health issues. And some are just too busy or not sure about the “how to”.

Size isn’t an issue either, the smallest tank we look after is only 35 litres, and we haven’t met a tank that is too big yet!

On our customer list we have planted tanks, marine tanks, Malawi tanks, general community tanks, and terrapin tanks – have you got something to challenge us with?

And of course if you are a doctor, dentist or posh shop remember watching fish helps to relax your customers.

Moving aquariums

The other task we undertake for many is moving aquariums. Whether you are moving house or have bought that bargain complete marine set up off eBay, we can help. Let us take the stress of dealing with the fish whilst you deal with everything else. All fish are packed with oxygen and moved with the utmost care.

If setting up an aquarium is putting you off your dream tank then that’s something we can sort out for you as well, including supplying all the equipment and making sure it is set up correctly.

So if you need a one off spring clean, or fortnightly maintenance we can help. Big tanks, small tanks we cater for them all!

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