Koral Sea: A Marine Dream

We met the chaps from Koral Sea at the Telford Aqua 2015 Trade Event, and straight away their amazing Coral products caught our eye. Colourful culture’s of marine sea-life aside, their real brilliance comes from looking just under the surface of their products, as how they produce them reveals the true value!

They know what their doing!

Simon (CEO) and James (GM) are not only experienced and respected in the Aquatics industry, first-and-foremost they are fish-keepers themselves. They have a personal wealth of experience akin to any customer because they only want the best for their aquarium.

They’re the right kind of nerdy.

The brilliant aesthetics from the coral, for example, are a result of an extensive amount of research into Disease, Pest Management, Maintenance and Health. Their strong Research & Development team stay in control of their corals, and produce foods and products that keep your coral healthy and vibrant, as opposed to looking for a cure when they are in trouble.

They do the simple things well.

Koral Sea will be the first to admit that they don’t have a wide range of products, and this is one of the main reasons that we really like them. Because of their small back catalog, they can truly focus on the coral that they do in making it truly outstanding! They focus particularly on their ethics, and providing hand-reared coral, fish and live foods of superior quality which are disease resistant, free from parasites and readily settle into new and established aquaria, sets a very good standard for what your aquarium might need!


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