Pond cleaning - Greenmann aquatics pond services

Pond cleaning – Greenmann aquatics pond services

Pond cleaning – Greenmann aquatics pond services 

Pond cleaning, building and maintenance

Pond cleaning – Greenmann aquatics pond services . Water features and ponds make for such a fantastic addition to any garden, whatever size they are. Also, they are great for wildlife, even if you have fish the two can go hand in hand.

Keeping your pond at its best can be a daunting task. Cleaning a pond is very hard work, and always extremely muddy!

Handy we are good with mud then… and love pond cleaning!

Thankfully we are even better with fish and filtration and plants and making your pond look beautiful again with Pond cleaning, building, and maintenance.

Complete pond builds and rebuilds

Greenmann Aquatic Pond Services can build everything from the smallest water feature or wildlife pond, through to lakes. Including:

  • Brick built pondsDSC_0632
  • Viewing window ponds
  • Koi ponds
  • Wildlife ponds
  • Natural ponds
  • Bog garden
  • Small and large water features
  • Ornamental lakes
  • Fishing lakes
  • Raised ponds
  • Natural swimming pools

Every build or rebuild is personal and tailored to your space and requests. Also, we have the ability to provide everything to get your pond fully working. Including filtration systems, pipework, water features and fish. As well as providing the pond cleaning maintenance above. Please use our contact page to get in touch.

Complete pond clean outs

A complete pond cleaning involves removing all the fish into a temporary pond and removing all the muck and mud at the bottom of the pond. Once the fish are safe and comfortable in a temporary pond, we pressure wash the liner and inspect for leaks. At this point, we would notify you if we found any issues. Rocks are then cleaned along with the surrounding area. Waterfalls and features will also be cleaned as well as tidying and repotting pond plants.

Fish, aquarium and pond moving service

Fish, aquarium and pond clean & moving service

Making sure the filtration system is cleaned and replacing UV tubes is also important maintenance. Once everything is clean we then put it all back in place, safely, add the fish when its time and leave it looking lovely and clean.

Choosing and fitting filters

Advise you on the best type of filtration for your pond can be provided, and we can plumb it all in for you. An aim is to always recommend the most efficient filter for your system, rather than the latest or cheapest!

Whilst designing or building your pond, we can help you plan the best position for your filter and advise how to hide the pipework. If you are choosing to have a brick built pond, we can also fit bottom drains so they will work efficiently for you. We can also retro fit them into a pond that’s built with a liner rather than bricks. Don’t worry though, if you already have your pond we can always help to improve your filter system and provide pond cleaning if your original filter system has caused any problems.

Relining and fixing leaks

If you call us because your pond is leaking, there are several options we can offer. Due to our extensive experience and knowledge, we will firstly talk to you and assess what your thought on the leak are. It is likely, we can usually identify where the leak by doing this before starting work. Then, we can evaluate the cheapest and easiest option to get your pond working well again.

Initially, we can monitor the water levels to see if we can identify where the leak is. Consequently, if your pond is leaking, we would often use our temporary pond system, to empty your pond and thoroughly check the liner. During experience, we have found this is the best way to make sure the liner is fitted correctly, with no leaks and is easy to maintain in the future. Often, it is possible to fix leaks in a pond without having to spend out on a new liner and we have been able to do this on several occasions. Furthermore, if you need a new liner rather than fixing it we will tell you and make sure it is correctly installed.

Regular maintenance of your pond

The services also include help with regular maintenance of your filters, looking after your pond whilst you are on holiday, planting and advising on the best pond plants and lilies. Plus, we can provide and tailor our maintenance services to suit your needs. Whether that be a seasonal maintenance, holiday maintenance or our 5 year maintenance package. We have a pond cleaning package to suit you and your pond!

For example, our 5 year package includes:

  • A set yearly fee dependant on pond size
  • Four visits throughout the pond season to maintain the filters
  • Year 1,3&5: Pond clean, filter system clean, plant repotting, UV bulb replacement.
  • Year 2&4: Pond hoover and above services

If you are interested in our maintenance packages, we will provide a no obligation quotes to suit your pond management needs.

Emergency call outs

Greenmann Aquatics Pond Services respond to all pond emergencies. Most common problems are pumps stopping, leaks in liners or major fish health problems. Visit The Fish Man page for more information on call outs.

Contact us

If you are interested in a pond clean or any of our other services, why not email us through the contact page or call us on 01202 825505 to see what we can do for you and your fish.