New Forest Sturgeon Treats

New Forest Sturgeon

New Forest Sturgeon

New Forest Sturgeon. All our fish is sustainably farmed in the New Forest, we have a no waste policy and use every part of the fish. Good for your dog, good for the environment, good for your purse.

New Forest Sturgeon is a work in progress project. Overall, with the aim of developing an egg to egg caviar farm in the UK in the long term. At Greenmann Aquatics we are extremely passionate about keeping sturgeon. The potential to farm them in the UK is possible with the work we do. We can currently supply sturgeon for your ornamental pond and rehome/rescue large sturgeon.

Sturgeon are an ancient type of fish almost unchanged for around 50 million years. There are approximately 29 species of sturgeon all inhabit in the northern hemisphere. Virtually all sturgeon are endangered to some extent usually due to over filling and or habitat destruction. The Beluga sturgeon is often thought of as the king of all the sturgeon growing to six metres and can weigh over one ton in weight. They can also live for over 100 years.

The harvesting of wild sturgeon was banned approximately 10 years ago. The biggest product from sturgeon is caviar, which is the eggs of sturgeon and command a very high price. Since the ban on wild sturgeon many farms have started up all over the world including one in the

Breeding sturgeon is somewhat more difficult than most other fish, requiring techniques such as ultrasonic scanning and caesarian removal of eggs.

We grow our sturgeon in a greenhouse using aquaponics system which means that we grow plants in the water the fish are kept in. The plants use the nutrients that the fish produce and also produce food ie watercress, tomatoes, cucumber, chives etc

This means that we use much less water than a conventional system and we don’t discharge waste into the environment.

We look after our sturgeon well and keep them to the highest welfare standards that we can. We aim to keep sturgeon as ethically as possible. Including developing products so that no part of a sturgeon will ever be wasted. Our first product is New Forest Sturgeon Treats for all pets. This product is a 100% sturgeon meat animal treat called beluga crisps. We have already had some fantastic reviews on this product. It is available in our online store to purchase when in stock. In the near future, we hope to be adding more products to this range as well as others under New Forest Sturgeon.

Our first product after much testing and trying!……

Beluga crisps 10grams – New forest sturgeon treats for all pets

Beluga crisps 10grams – New forest sturgeon treats for all pets. The ultimate treat for your dogs, made from 100% pure Beluga Sturgeon!

These are not intended for training – they are a proper treat for your dog because you love them!

Full of good oils with a flavour all dogs love – even fussy ones.

The crisps can be feed whole or broken into little pieces, the packet is the right size to snuggle up and show your dog just how much you love them.


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