Watercress powder - The watercress Queen

The Watercress Queen

The watercress Queen

The watercress Queen. Born from a love of Aquaponic farming and the huge health benefits found in plants such as watercress!

Aquaponics – The growth of fish and plants together to produce an efficient way of farming. The fish waste is used to fertilise the plants providing food and the plants then grow at an accelerated rate! Therefore, by growing plants with fish in this way, it is not necessary to add any outside food or fertiliser. As a result, the plants provide a natural filter for the fish and both grow in harmony together.

Our Aquaponics


At Greenmann Aquatics we have a commercial sized greenhouse where we breed and quarantine our fish. So it’s here that we have many aquaponic beds growing a range of plants and vegetables. Recently out main focus has been watercress. After growing it is then hydrated and made into watercress powder – to be used as a superfood!

Our first product of the aquaponics system is the hand dried watercress powder. Our packs of watercress powder are a great way to try out our watercress powder. Discover its range of amazing benefits for yourself!

The watercress queen dried watercress powder is produced on our aquaponic farm system in the heart of the new forest.  By using aquaponics to grow our watercress we know no additional chemicals are added to the water, and because it is all grown undercover in our greenhouse we know there are no outside pollutants.

The health benefits of watercress are providing nutrition, boosting immunity, cancer preventive, and thyroid support. These health benefits begin with a single serving of watercress as a dietary supplement. Watercress is a cruciferous plant grown for centuries as a mineral rich green leafy vegetable.

In a powder, it is highly concentrated and can be added to many different dishes and smoothies! A great way to have hidden vegetables in daily meals! To find out more about purchasing our watercress, please go to The Watercress Queen on Facebook or visit our shop online.

If you cannot find what you are looking for or need help and advice on keeping your fish happy and healthy, do not hesitate to contact us. We would be more than happy to help! Don’t forget to look at our blog regularly for tips on keeping aquariums and ponds. As well as follow our Facebook page for regular updates! Also if you are local you are able to visit us to shop at Unit 1-3, Acorn Drive Business Park, Wigbeth, Dorset, BH21 7JJ.