Fish Doctor Dave at Greenmann Aquatics

Fish Doctor Dave at Greenmann Aquatics

The fish man

Fish Doctor Dave at Greenmann Aquatics – Our very own Dave the fish man! Dave has worked in the aquatics industry his entire working life. He has a wide range of knowledge spanning over the industry and lives for his work. His work includes pond building, breeding, aquaponics to getting muddy with maintenance and fish care!

Dave can provide a call out service for all your fish needs.  Daves services include:

Water Testing and Fish Health

Keeping fish is more about keeping water. If you get the hang of “keeping water” then the fish are the easy bit. Water testing can be done as part of a clean or if you are having any issues with keeping your fish and pond/aquarium. Fish Doctor Dave at Greenmann Aquatics has the knowledge and skill to help with this.

Helping with Your Fish Health Issues

Water Testing and Fish HealthOur favorite saying when it comes to fish health is “treat once with the right thing”. Fish treatments are quite harsh chemicals. Guessing what’s wrong then treating them, it not working and then treating them again can weaken the fish. This then leaves them open to more problems. It is far better for fish to have a skin scrape. Then we can find out what you need to treat with. The quickest way to help and making sure your fish not being exposed to excess harsh chemicals.

When we do a skin scrape, we can do it on site. If you wish, you will get to see what we are looking at under the microscope. We can diagnose immediately whether your fish have parasites and/or fungus.

We are able to do skin scrapes on most fish, but we do ask they are still alive. Once they have died they are no longer a good host to the parasites. Within a couple of hours of death, you are unlikely to find anything left to look at.

Consultation and diagnostics

Using many years of experience, Dave can provide consultations for filter problems, green water, algae problems, and fish illness. His diagnostic skills and the trusty microscope can be used on site to reach a solution as quick as possible!


At Greenmann Aquatics we aim to assist, help and understand the needs of your pets and your pet keeping. We love everything aquatic and have many branches to our company. Including GAPS pond services, New forest sturgeon treats, aquaponics and our online store. If you are interested in keeping fish, changing the way you keep them or the breeding of fish, talk to us! The fish man at Greenmann aquatics will endeavor to answer any question you may have or interest in regards to aquatics. If we don’t know (which we probably will…) we will find out!

A consultation call out fee, in regards to any of the above services with The fish man, is £65 in the local area (from Poole Dorset to Southampton, Hampshire). If you require services for further afield please get in touch for a quote.

Please contact us, using the form below or our contact page, to take advantage of the knowledge and experience of the fish man!