Fish, aquarium, and pond moving service

Fish, aquarium, and pond moving service

Fish, aquarium, and pond moving service. When moving house, customers may want to take their pond, equipment, and fish with them. Part of Greenmann Aquatics Pond Services is fulfilling this area of need and expertise. By moving fish, aquariums or ponds to their new home for the customer. Hopefully taking away some of the worry and stress included in a house move! Below is a description of the services that we can provide.

Pond Moving Service

Fish, aquarium and pond moving serviceIn a standard pond move, there are many things that may or may not need doing. So, each quote can be tailored to a customer’s needs. During a typical pond move, a temporary pond structure will be set up as early as possible before the move at the new location (seller cooperation dependant). When existing fish are moving house as well as the customer, there are specialist oxygenated moving tanks to keep the fish as healthy and comfortable as possible used. Fish will ideally be moved before the house move or after as moving day can be quite stressful.



Equipment can also be transported from an old pond to the temporary pond and eventually to the new pond. Keeping bacteria alive making the transition for the fish easier. In the case of needing to leave the pond equipment behind, temporary filter systems can be set up to facilitate the move.

The pond moving team are fully licensed to transport fish as well as having a wealth of experience in doing so. Even if there is not a pond in the new location but leaving fish behind is not an option, there are possibilities! See our pond cleaning, building and maintenance page.

Moving aquariums

The other task undertaken by Greenmann Aquatics for many, is moving aquariums. Whether a customer is moving house or has bought that bargain complete marine setup off eBay, we can help. Greenmann Aquatics can take the stress of dealing with the fish whilst the customer deals with everything else. All fish are packed with oxygen and moved with the utmost care as described above. Marine aquariums can be dismantled, moved and re-set up again in  one day, reducing stress and creating ease.


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