Water Testing and Fish Health

Water Testing and Fish Health

Keeping fish is more about keeping water. If you get the hang of “keeping water” then the fish are the easy bit. Water testing can be done as part of an aquarium/pond clean or if you are having any issues with keeping your fish and pond/aquarium.

Helping with Your Fish Health Issues

Water Testing and Fish HealthOur favorite saying when it comes to fish health is “treat once with the right thing”. Fish treatments are quite harsh chemicals and guessing what’s wrong then treating them, and it not working so treating them again can weaken the fish. This then leaves them open to more problems. It is far better to bring us a fish for a skin scrape so we can find out what you need to treat with, it working and your fish not being exposed to loads of harsh chemicals.

When we do a skin scrape, we can do it on site. If you wish, you will get to see what we are looking at under the microscope and we can diagnose immediately whether your fish have parasites and/or fungus.

We are able to do skin scrapes on most fish, but we do ask they are still alive. Once they have died they are no longer a good host to the parasites and within a couple of hours, you are unlikely to find anything left to look at.

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